Vivaldi is not usable on tactile devices (SP4) anymore.

  • Hey, Am the only one here to have problems with Vivaldi latest builds on my tactile Windows 10 device? I have a Surface Pro 4 running on Windows 10 and Vivaldi worked great so far... but 2 updates ago it became unusable. It's now impossible to scroll or even click on links. Even the window scroll bar doesn't answer the touches. Vivaldi runs... it's not stopped, or crashed, or whatever... it just doesn't process tactile inputs anymore 😕 And it's becoming hard to have a computer with no web browser 🙂 If you have any suggestion on how I could fix that... Thanks for your help.

  • There appears to be general "touch screen problem" which is currently being investigated by Vivaldi devs.

  • Oh thanks for your reply.
    I'll wait and see then.


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