[SOLVED] Some websites don't load & just dump Chinese characters

  • EDIT: It was an encoding issue on my end. My browser encoding was set to [b]UTF-16LE[/b]. Upon changing it to UTF-8 the websites I was having issues with are working correctly. ----- I've noticed that some websites fail to load/render correctly using Vivaldi. The latest I've noticed is for Packer - https://www.packer.io/ This page just dumps a whole lot of Chinese. This page works fine on Chrome. Other incredibly similar sites also work with Vivaldi (other HashiCorp product sites like https://terraform.io, https://www.vagrantup.com/, https://www.consul.io/ etc) Attached an image of what I get in Vivaldi when I try to view the Packer website. Same output when trying to view the source code. Something weird going on trying to load the webpage. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/76707/ScreenShot2016-04-11at15.42.31.png[/img]

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    Hm. Packer loads fine here.

  • One of the widgets on the sidebar of www.weatherzone.com.au also dumps the chinese characters.

    I also found that viewing Bamboo build logs (which are just text) also fails similarly. Could be an encoding issue on my end?

    EDIT: And yeah, it was. For some reason my browser encoding was set to UTF-16LE. After changing it to UTF-8 everything is working fine!

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