Bookmarks bug

  • I was able to reproduce this in two PC's.

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    Me not.
    Please, i cant guess what you have done, which Vivaldi and Windows version you use.

  • Windows, stable version and last snapshot.

    Imported from HTML file or directly from chrome/firefox, the behavior is the same.

  • bump.

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    Since the video didn't make it clear to Gwen what the alleged bug is, perhaps you could explain what you did, and why you think it's a bug?

    I am not going to watch a video to try to guess what bug you're seeing.

    If writing English is difficult for you, there are several forums for other languages. or you could write in your own language and provide a Google translation to English.

  • wtf? then, why comment? i've always heard that a pic is worth a thousand words.

    and i already explained it. i imported bookmarks from html files or directly from another browser and when vivaldi is only on one of the windows side it doesn't open the hidden bookmarks available through the »

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    It opens them fine here, with my imported bookmarks.

    Have you any extensions? Have you tried cleaning your profile?

  • I only have uBlock installed. Disabled it and the problem remains.

    Also new/reset profile didn't worked.

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    I wish I could help you. I have Vivaldi installed on 5 Win 10 PCs here, (3 towers and 2 laptops) and one Lubuntu tower, and I cannot reproduce the symptom on any of them.

  • No problem Ayespy, thanks anyway. I've tried almost everything tbh, either x32-bit or x64-bit has the problem. From 1.0 version till the newest one available at the moment (Snapshot 1.1.453.43 - Vivaldi 1.1RC2). I noticed this on fresh install, when i tried Vivaldi for the first time. Asked a friend to try it out to see if he could reproduce the issue and he reported that it happened to him as well.

    Definitely a bug, even when you import bookmarks the » icon doesn't appear, i have to maximize the window and then restore it back in order to see it.

  • Alright, i've managed to find out what the problem is.

    Bookmarks with no text on them (Title) we click and nothing happens.
    Bookmarks with text on them (Title) works without any problem.

    Any other place where we could report this? I've reporting this here on forums and blog but nothing happens.

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    By "bookmarks with no text on them" do you mean that the bookmark actually has no title? Or do you simply mean that you have chosen to display "icons only" on the bookmark bar? That's an important distinction, and may affect how vigorously the developers pursue a solution - because the instance of a bookmark with no title is quite rare.

    In any event, feel free to go to the bug reporting page and report it. Since there is still so much to do just to get the browser complete, do not expect fast action on any reported bugs.

    NOW - in my experiment with making the window narrow enough to cause my icons-only bookmark bar to overflow, I note that the overflow bookmarks showed labels. In your video, the overflow bookmarks show no labels - which leads me to believe they might not have labels at all. This is not recommended. An absence of labels, once sync comes along, can cause real problems with syncing bookmarks (I know this, because I lived that nightmare in two different browsers.) - especially if you have any duplicates in other folders. Instead, I think it's smarter to go to the bookmark settings and select the favicons-only display for the bookmark bar. It saves just as much room, is just as clean looking, and you don't suffer the consequences of not having any title/label at all for a bookmark.

  • Thanks for the link.

    I don't quite understand what you mean by "label" but i think you're refering to the same as me when i use the term "title".

    Anyway, i've made a new "video" that explains what i'm trying to say, see it here:

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    Yes. Title, Label, Name - all the same thing. It's the text that goes next to the icon. Bookmark importers, exporters, managers and sync schemes often rely on it. Some bookmark systems will not allow you to have a bookmark that lacks it.

    Vivaldi refers to it by the term "Title." Firefox refers to it as "Name." I'm pretty sure IE used to call it "Label." I prefer to save space on the bookmark bar, so even though I always make sure every bookmark has a title, I hide them by choosing to display "Icon Only." But I know them at a glance by their position and their favicon.

  • Yea, i understand. Although as a chrome user and sometimes a bit of firefox, my bookmarks don't have any title on them as i like to have as much as i can into the bookmarks bar.

    And in Chrome there's no such option as "show only text" or "show only icon", etc.

    Vivaldi bookmarks should work despite having titles or not.

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    There's that word, "should."

    Perhaps I'm a bit odd. When I'm using software I tend to try to work with what it DOES do, not what it SHOULD do, or what other software does.

    In the decades I've been using computers and software since 1978 or so, it has never occurred to me to complain that one kind of software does not work like another. If I don't like the way something works, I try something else. If I can't find something else I like, then I adjust.

    We have this third option with Vivaldi, that we can make suggestions directly to the founder of the company and the developers, and know that we are at least being listened to, even if each of the several thousand suggestions made does not make it into the final product. Everyone knows that their own opinions are the best, the strongest, the smartest and the most sensible. Everyone knows what a browser "should" do. But the guys who actually receive all the opinions, and who with their several decades of experience and expertise try to craft a solution that is both workable and flexible, have perhaps the best vantage point from which to decide what direction to turn.

    SOMEDAY, they may adjust the bookmark solution they have written from scratch, in a fashion that permits a lack of titles for all cases. In the meantime, it's OK with me to figure out what works in the browser, and do that. I congratulate you for figuring out what the problem was. So now you can adjust to the browser, abandon it for something else, or wait until the developers see the "error" of their ways and adjust the browser to you. Your Choice! 🙂

  • I understand your point, although for me this is just a bug that needs to be fixed. Sure, i could get use to it but there's no possible explanation or reason as to why Vivaldi behaves like this just for the simple fact that the bookmark doesn't have any Title.

    Title or no title, the favicon is there, the link is there, th so it needs to work either way.

    Personally i will wait for future releases of the browser to see if this get fixed. Meanwhile i'll just play with it sometimes.

  • I have similar problem. When clicking on any bookmark visible on bookmark bar, it opens in a new tab, but clicking on bookmark that is under "arrows", it opens in current tab.
    Also, when typing something in address bar, results are opened in current tab. It would be really nice if we can choose in settings, whether we want to use new tab for any kind of action (clicking on link, typing www address or search phrase, clicking on bookmark etc.)

    My conf: Vivaldi 1.1.453.47 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit CZ
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 950, drivers version 362.00

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    You can turn off bookmarks opening in new tab and then at least all would be consistent.

    But the absence of a choice to "always" open in new tab (url in address bar, link, bookmark, etc.) is probably not optimum, and the failure to respect the "open bookmarks in new tab" in all instances when it is set, is a bug. Please report at


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