Vivaldi Black screen bug

  • Vivaldi is a great browser .but there is an issue with facebook when i call my friends with facebook video i get black screen and i can't see there faces and even it happens in voice calls .then the screen flickers all over the place in other taps when i move the mouse . I've attached a photo of the problem. another problem when opening a flash player file the browser says cannot load plugins . and i hope to see more features like when you open more tabs rather than the tapes gets smaller we get a scroll able tap bar just like firefox and 125% scaling because 120 is too small and 130 is too much and the sale doesn't apply to all the tabs or websites despite being adjusted from the settings. thanks for the awesome browser Attachments: [img][/img]

  • For the video problems I think you have the wrong Flash plug-in.

    Please go to and Select your Windows OS and then "Flash Player FP21 PPAPI for Chromium.
    Close Vivaldi.
    Run the downloaded file to install flash.
    Start Vivaldi, it should find the plug-in automatically.

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