Astrill VPN slowing down Vivaldi?

  • The first 2-3 days after installing Vivaldi was running without any problems and with lightning speed. As of yesterday night it is slow, that I cannot access Facebook, Flickr etc. I am using Astrill VPN to acces them. Now, I cannot access them without experiencing delays. I am living in China behind the Great Firewall. Any suggestions to fix this problem. I hate to think that I might not be able to use Vivaldi ๐Ÿ˜ž EDIT Seems its working again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am in a similar situation, but vivaldi is not able to use Astrill, though it works in Chrome.
    Is there a specific setup requirement for usage with a vpn?

  • try using Browsec vpn extension

  • My suggestion;

    If you want to use VPN or Proxies.
    Try to use ping or traceroute to check the address or better the IP address of this VPN/Proxy.
    NOTE: Not, the site address of VPN/Proxy corporation or organization. Find the real address/IP your VPN/Proxy connection use.

    You could check rough time interval of your connection. For me, anything that above 50ms could be considered slow. Up to 100ms usually acceptable quality.

    Remember, VPN service do has bottle neck situation. It's the time where connections to their server full. It's really common, whatever that service provider said.
    Free VPN face other trouble, the provider will eventually throttle down the free access to focus their paid customers.

    Of course, your ISP it self could also face bottle neck situation, throttle access or just down.

    Here where tools like ping or traceroute could be useful. We could point where to blame. With clear (any) browsers profile, network problems usually not caused by browsers.

  • @Gmart
    You have similar problem with a OP who use Astrill VPN with Vivaldi while you can't?

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    I'm using Hotspot Shield, and I donยดt ave any problems. On the other hand it is normal that a VPN sometimes slows somewhat the navigation using a free one, depending on the server that uses, although it is not usually very significant

  • I used Astrill VPN in China and it has been working great for me. Maybe you can contact their customer service for any issues.

  • @joshuaa
    Thank you! It's working fine these days. Must have been one of periodical bottlenecks.


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