Installing 1.0 after Beta 3 broke things

  • I know 1.0 replaces Beta 3, but it should have done so more seamlessly. Installing it from the PPA (using the Muon Package Manager) caused Beta 3 to be uninstalled. This makes sense, but: 1) My system had links/references to vivaldi-beta which were now broken. My desktop icon for Vivaldi just stopped working until I manually edited it to point to vivaldi instead of vivaldi beta. I had the same problem with a KDE Autostart script for starting Vivaldi when KDE starts. 2) Since the Beta version is uninstalled and vivaldi-stable is installed, I probably won't get the next beta release when it comes out. I don't want nightlies, but I do want the betas. Trying to reinstall the beta did not work because of dependency problems with 1.0 or something like that. The first problem could have been solved by simply creating a symlink from vivaldi-beta to vivaldi 1.0 (or something similar as that might mess up some other use case). Maybe something could have been done in the "alternatives" system. I know that exists, but not really how to work with it. What I am saying is that "somehow" the previously installed Beta should have been left intact - at least as a package - maybe as one of those transitional packages which just installs other dependencies - but made to contain or somehow reference the 1.0 code without breaking the executable name and the ability to get the next beta without doing anything additional.

  • If vivaldi created a new user profile just copy the old to the new one

  • I thought I lost all bookmarks I made using beta version of Vivaldi. Your advise worked like charm.

    And I agree with josephj11. Upgrading to newer version should be smooth.

  • @The_Solutor:

    If vivaldi created a new user profile just copy the old to the new one

    I had no profile issues, just executable name issues. (And it looks like I won't get any future betas unless I do something to reconnect with them.)

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    With Beta 3 you are using a testing version!

    On Linux there are 3 different streams for Vivaldi:

    • Stable (=Final)
    • Beta (=for testing)
    • Snapshot (=for weekly testing)

    The package manager does not update from one stream to an other.

    These different update streams are normal on Linux and protects from distroying a stable version!


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