Disadvantages of relying too much on Chrome/Chromium

  • Downloading of files is buggy.
    Issue 591438 @ https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=591438

    Latest Vivaldi, vivaldi-beta_1.0.403.24-1_i386.deb
    exhibits the SAME problem as described above with the Chrome/Chromium browsers it derives from
    (according to press releases).

    According to Wikipedia, Vivaldi was developed as
    a company founded by Opera Software
    co-founder and former CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner ...
    Please note that, ironically, Opera (12.01) does NOT exhibit the downloading files problem
    (i.e., works OK, as it should) along with many other reputable browsers/downloaders which also work OK, such as
    Firefox, Internet Explorer, Wget
    on ANY platform (Linux 32/64 bits, Windows, etc.)

    Moral of the story: copy/emulate, but copy/emulate carefully.
    Thank you for an otherwise good browser with a lot of potential,
    -- Alex

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    The downside of using the Blink rendering engine is that some bugs come for free as well as many features. They chose the Chromium/Blink rendering engine after careful consideration, weighing up the Pros and Cons.

    Presto was too difficult to maintain, which is why Old Opera died.

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    Sometimes Vivaldi developers patch bugs in Chromium and contribute such fixes to Chromium base. It is not a one-way. 😉
    But currently there are some bug in Vivaldi which are important too.
    I cant change the developers minds on what is priority #1.

    As i can say building a own browser code base would take almost 6 years to get it stable and working. Thats what old Opera was, a slow updated browser, often not working on many sites. Bugfixing delays, no Linux versions for month. Don't tell me, old Opera was not struggling with many problems.


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