'History' not populating for Speed Dial

  • I get the History pane for selecting a speed dial but it's blank, although History itself is populated and ok? Workaround for now seems to be to make a bookmark then move the bookmark to 'speedial' in bookmarks. Inelegant though. No nested folders for speed dials, only one item per panel.

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    Actually do not understand what you are saying/asking here.

  • @Ayespy:

    Actually do not understand what you are saying/asking here.

    Add to a speedial from the speedial, what do you see? It's easy in Opera. In Opera it's pretty much like Android or iOS you just collect speedials in folders, always showing as each next tab opens.

    Just checked Chrome and it doesn't do nested speedial folders either. Right now Opera is doing this better for me. Updates on the icons are ok but Opera's version is second nature being as Android and iOS in operation.

  • icarusi
    I'm also unclear what you are asking, however it IS possible to have "Folders in Speed Dials".

    First thing to recognise is that Speed Dial is just a bookmark folder which has been assigned as a Speed Dial.

    So to work with it, easiest way is using the Side Panel Bookmarks view.
    Now in Bookmarks you can assign ANY folder as a Speed Dial in the edit field. It does NOT HAVE to be the Folder with the TITLE Speed Dial.
    Similarly, if the Folder is a Speed Dial, then a Sub-folder of that can also be a Speed Dial.

    So once you create the Folder/Sub-folder structure you want as Bookmarks, then you just set the Speed Dial attribute.

    Not sure how you want History to be involved, but does this help at all?


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