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  • Just a general suggestion for the site: shorten the site title by a lot, or have it come after the page title. Was googling help for some bookmarks sorting issue I have and it's basically impossible see anything beyond "Vivaldi Web Browser Community - Vivaldi Forum,,," [img][/img] [color=#ff0000]VS[/color] [img][/img] ps. sadly, but hopefully my last time posting anything using Opera :/

  • Agreed on the shortening, but more so fix the order so it's more useful. Those of us who use portrait mode tabs so we can actually see the damned titles instead of uselessly vague thumbnails, as well as search engines who use the title tag as the text for the link provide far better utility if you put the TOPIC FIRST!

    Having five tabs for five different threads open at once isn't all that useful when the text for all of them reads "Vivaldi Web Browser Community - Vivadi F" ā€“ what in blazes good is that?

    Much less the outright idiocy of repeating "Vivaldi Web Browser Community - Vivaldi Forum" -- herpafreakingderp. Waste of space, waste of bandwidth, and utterly useless so far as the contents of a <title>tag goes...<br /><br />For example, this thread would be FAR more useful if the <title> were simply<br /><br />Site title change for the forums - Vivaldi Community<br /><br />That's it, that's all it needs and what it SHOULD be if you care about people using it.<br /><br />Of course given all the other miserable accessibility failings of these forums with the mouth-breathing "I canz has intarnets" style failures such as questionable colour contrasts (white on light grey? REALLY?), absurdly undersized fixed metric fonts leaving users of non-standard DPI diving for the zoom, gibberish semantics screwing over non-visual UA's...<br /><br />Just saying.</title>

  • I just pinged the site admin of the forum.

  • Is fixed now by site admin Steinar
    Thanks. :)

  • Moderator

    Oh, nice. This had been a complaint by various people for a while. (1, 2, 3) I had gone to the length of writing a user script to reorder it.

  • We can not see all ;)
    But we try to help.

  • Moderator


    We can not see all ;)
    But we try to help.

    Understood; it's appreciated. =)

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