Things I admire most about Vivaldi

  • I was an enthusiastic Opera user for a long time. I mean the Opera before Opera Next. Really loved the experience, but as the web standards moved forward and the old opera couldn't handle modern pages, the complications forced me to abandon this ingenious software. Now, after several years of misery, I feel like being home again. There's so much design choices that the authors of Vivaldi makes differently and that feels just right. Here's the list of things I admire most: [ul] [li]The addressbar is so big and so frequently used in all browsers, but only Vivaldi seem to find out, how to utilize it. For example switching the search provider with shortcut (e.g. "w search term..." for search on wikipedia) or displaying progress during page load is so ingenoius and feels so much obvious, that I'm surpsrided, that none of the competitors acts that way.[/li] [li]The trash bin with recently closed tabs is just in the right place.[/li] [li]The settings of the software is very rich and very well organized.[/li] [li]I like the sidebar. In the past, I've also used opera mail hapilly, but today, I don't see it as killer feature. But bookmarks, notes and downloads are great[/li] [/ul] Thank you for such a great example of well designed UI. Your desing choices are really inspiring!

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    I am still using Opera 12.17, but there are more and more sites that it doesn't handle well, then Vivaldi is my next choice. I have an "Open in Vivaldi" option on my Opera menu.

    I need the email client, but that will come in due course — they are working hard to get it right before including it.

    Other than that, I think many of us are waiting for some customising options before making the switch.

    The Vivaldi forum is pretty good too, though it's a bit slow. You can edit your posts here at any time.


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