Bookmarks import from Opera 12.x won't work for me

  • Hi. I have about 2060 bookmarks in an existing Opera 12.17 installation that I have been trying to import into Vivaldi but can’t seem to get it right in any of the methods that I’ve tried: 1. Import --> Opera 12.x --> Use default location --> starts up «Import in progress --> then «Failure». No bookmarks imported. 2. Import --> Opera bookmarks file… --> Same message as for the «Opera 12.x» import 3. Import --> Bookmars HTML file --> Same message as for the «Opera 12.x» import (tried with html-file exported 4. Import --> «Import Completed». This time a new folder appears with the name “Imported”. The folder contains some of my 12.17 bookmarks and bookmarks folder but far from all (seems only 48 bookmarks are imported?) and the folders and subfolders which have made it through the import are mostly not where they are supposed to be. I have also tried: 1. uninstalling 12.17, reinstalling 12.17, importing the bookmarks from an exported adr-file and repeated all the alternatives above 2. Installed 12.16, imported adr-fil from 12.17 and once more tried all the methods of importing bookmarks again. Excactly the same results as above 3. Exporting both adr and html from 12.16 and tried to import both of those files into Vivaldi. 4. Importing old adr-files dating back to 2009. No luck. And after all of this I am kind of surprised that I find that no one (?, at least lately?) seems to have problems importing Opera 12.x bookmarks. Are there to many bookmarks in my import? Can there be something wrong with alle the files I’ve tested? I would surely appreciate if anyone can help me here…? PS: Besides my issue here (and some more wishes for Opera 12.17 features) I'm truly happy that the Vivaldi people are on their way to making a web browser that might follow up on the legacy of Opera! 🙂 I have used Opera 12.17 until present but sadly the performance on many sites has lately just not been good enough and I'm starting to realize that it's finally time to lay it to rest 😞

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    2,600 bookmarks is a lot, but not excessive. I would not expect problems with 10,000 bookmarks, but perhaps 100,000 might cause issues :silly:

    Try reinstalling Vivaldi. Use the latest snapshot to keep up with the latest improvements.

    For me, importing data is instant. I use a USB install option and import data from an Opera 12.17 USB install.


  • Thanks for the effort, but I have tried uninstalling and the whole list again. I even tried "Opera 12.x" import from stand alone USB installation of Opera 12.17 (2 different places, hard drive and SD-card) but no luck.

    Seems I have to start over again with the bookmarks if I am to adopt Vivaldi as my main web browser. 😞
    But perhaps it's a blessing in discuise. I won't have to do spring cleaning in a bookmarks collection that was growing a little out of proportions… :dry: Still open to suggestions though 🙂

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    You need to have a complete Opera 12 profile folder and a valid Opera installation, not only the bookmarks.
    That may be in C:\Users\….\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera or in a USB install folder.
    If you import, you may have to select the folder with the operaprefs.ini in it.

    That works in Vivaldi 1.1.443.3.

  • I can't get my Opera 12 bookmarks to import, either. Using v.1.3.519.25 now, but have been trying for several versions now.

    When I select Opera 12.x in the "Import Bookmarks and Settings" box, it shows the correct path for "Detected Profile Path," and even if I click "Choose a Folder" and manually navigate there, I get the same one-word response: "Failure"

    Any ideas?

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    Did you ever use a master password for Opera? That seems to block import of bookmarks, etc. even after you turn it off.

    You can export Opera bookmarks to HTML and then import the HTML file of course…

  • No, I never had a master password in Opera.

    I had forgotten about exporting the bookmarks from within Opera 12, so exported a copy (as bookmarks.adr) to the Windows Desktop and tried importing that. It immediately went to "Import in progress" with a rotating circular arrow. Now granted, I accumulated a lot of bookmarks during my many (10+?) years of using Opera, but after one hour of that rotating circular arrow, I exited Vivaldi and re-opened it.

    Then, I exported the bookmarks as .html from within Opera 12 and imported them into Vivaldi. That worked.

    I wish the Description field from the Opera 12 bookmarks had survived the import into Vivaldi. I used to use the Description for password hints and also for keywords that would help me search for a bookmark.

    I also miss the Created and Visited dates from Opera 12 bookmarks. Oh, well. That's progress, I guess.

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    Yeah - no matter how you do it, the description and nickname fields do not transfer.

  • Interesting … I do have descriptions on my imported bookmarks, but that was done long ago.

  • Your best bet is to export bookmarks as html and import them to any browsers like chrome, IE or firefox. If your opera version don't have this option, you can try some extensions like 'Bookmarks Import & Export' to help you in this process. You can read about it here


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