I don't want Vivaldi to keep my tabs !

  • Hey ! First, I want to thank all the people that are behinf Vivaldi, this browser is what I dreamed of as an Opera user. The problem is that, by default, like Opera, when you close the browser, it keeps the tabs for when you open it again. In Opera you can remove this option. I haven't find the way to do it in Vivaldi. Can someone help me ?

  • I did not see it either. But for now, you can right-click and close all tabs before shutting down the browser, even if, i know, it's not what you trully wanted.

  • I cannot find that option either, but then I cannot find the option to disable the password manager either.

    I think its lacking regarding some options/settings but they will surely come eventually.

  • It does? Cool! I was disappointed not to see this option, but since it sounds like it does anyway, now I'm happy. Since the devs are ex-Opera team, I'm sure this will be configurable in a future build. Not that I want to turn it off, of course, but the option should be there. 😉


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