Improvements I would like to see as a new user

  • Hey, I stumbled upon an article about this new browser, and decided to give it a try. One small thing I found out that using alternative positions for tabs wastes space compared to the "normal" way of keeping tabs on the top of the screen. I'm not sure how doable this is, but I would like address bar show like this: [img][/img] Also. The side panel is a nice addition, but I feel it could include an alternative way to show it. Many sites don't really react well to rescaling, so I would like to have an option where sidepanel hovers on top of the site. This way I could always keep it hidden and when I need it, I press a hotkey to show it (or show it when my cursor hovers some time on the left / right side of the screen). In the end these are minor gripes, but ihmo quite essential when marketing Vivaldi as a powerful browser. In addition, starting page could be more customizable by default. For big screens, there's just so much white space. Maybe widgets for extra functionality? Weather app, browser task manager? Still, looks promising. Keep up the good work!


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