How to prevent auto reloading of pages

  • Whenever I switch tabs and come back to a one having a already opened webpage it reloads it. Is there a way to prevent this.

  • I think this is auto sleep tabs when you are not focus on it for a while.
    This is to reduce ram usage ?

  • I don't find an 'auto sleep' option in the browser settings. If it is a thing, where is it? I have the same problem moving between tabs. In the case of Facebook where I want to copy text from one tab to comment in a 2nd Facebook tab I've lost the previous pastes 😕

  • This is irritating me as well. The tabs should stay put and do whatever it needs to independently of which tabs I am looking at, at the moment. If I got a webcam in one tab it reloads every time I am changing to that tab. This should not be necessary.

  • vivaldi://flags#automatic-tab-discarding try disabling this.

  • @greenenemy:


    Thanks, I'm gonna try this. This should be an option in settings.

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    Yes, but please wait and be patient. Enhanced settings will come.

  • Tried to stop the reloading already opened tabs, but the automatic-tab-discarding flag is not present in Ubuntu 14.04

  • I'm waiting for disable auto-reload feature too. Auto-reload feature is annoying and it seems it does not have any effect for memory usage (which is quite high). I am curious why this browser needs it at all.

  • Another +1 on this.

    This gets really frustrating on an older slower PC. Ever since using Opera 3.xx on a 33kbps modem back in the previous century I have always used the middle mouse button to "Open page in background". With Vivaldi it is next to impossible to do this due to this constant need to reload pages. At least display what you already have before going to get it yet again.

    Example case. Reading a page full of news headlines I will scroll down the page using "Open page in background" on links of interest. I'll open a dozen pages this way. BUT when I try and read any of them…. I now have to sit and wait for it to reload. Which kind of defeats the point of "load in background".

    The flag vivaldi://flags#automatic-tab-discarding does not work for me. In my case it is already disabled, but pages still reload all the time.

  • 2019 here. I'm having the same problem.

    This might be related:

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    @usslnx This thread is about page refresh while UI tab switching!

    But your post does to stop a web page refreshing itself.
    Please clarifiy when your issue happens.

  • Almost 4 years later after opening of this thread and still not fixed or option added to deactivate this...
    Seems like devs don't even care about bugreports or suggestions.
    In that case, I can go back to Opera. Vivaldi is crashing/freezing anyway.

  • @toroned
    Hi, my tabs never reload after switching, do you have lazy loading enabled?
    Vivaldi crash once a month or even less on my 5 systems with Linux/Windows.
    Please report the crash or it never gets noticed, developer don´t read forum.

    Cheers, mib

  • I'm still facing this problem in March 2020.

    The vivaldi://flags#automatic-tab-discarding doesn't work, no such option in the current version of the browser.

    Is there any way to disable this yet, or do I need to switch browsers again?

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    @biggly I am not seeing the behaviour at all. Perhaps some script on the web page is reloading it?

    Does it happen for you on all pages?

  • Yes, all pages. I only need a few tabs open and it does this.

    I've been trying to switch from Opera but this is making me return to it.

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    @biggly That happens for you on which Windows and with which Vivaldi version?

  • yes, i have the same problem, it is very annoying when the webpage automatically reload.😠
    Is there any way to stop this function?

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