Tip for some form fill extensions (like Opera 12)

  • Hi, have you experiences with some extensions for forms filling? I try some pieces but except one nothing has feature offer my own texts in dropdown menu when I type one or more letters in field. Everything has doubleclick features (in practice inapplicable) or filling via context menu (incredibly slow solution). Only one extension offer what I need, but with some bugs and disabling some scripts from pages - [url=https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/simple-autofill/cdjplknefldnfcncohonjbeeocljjmbm/support?hl=cs]Simple Autofill[/url]. I want only set some text in seetings (names, user names, addresses, e-mails...) but not as specific fields. I want offer every my text when I type for example "H" and dropdown menu give me. Hannah Hannah Beverly Gibson Houston road 7 Hellen777 etc, not only name, but everything what starts H from my texts. Thanks

  • Hi, I second this, Opera's feature "autocomplete forms" and its predefined content was pretty useful and is the feature that I currently miss most from the "good old times" with Opera. The version suggested by MartinezZ sounds good to me as well, perhapts even better 🙂


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