Feature Requests

  • Being a long-standing user of Opera, I was delighted to join the Vivaldi community as soon I learned about it as I fully believe in the vision to bring back the user power that was relinquished with that incredibly short-sighted change in the direction of Opera after v12. So, first of all I want to thank the developers and the project team for the conceptualization of Vivaldi and all their hard work. I would also be interested in helping out any way that I can. So as a kick-off, after going though various snapshots and finally seeing the stable release, I would like to put forth my two cents below with a list of my most requested features to give you guys some feedback on what I really miss from v.1.0.435.42. [ol] [li][b]Ability to customize gesture mapping[/b]: I'm really glad you guys already did this with the keyboard shortcuts (also, please try to include a [u]search box[/u] there because scanning through the different categories to find the function you need is rather time consuming) but for the gestures this is still lacking. Also, kudos on the animated trace for each gesture; it makes it really intuitive to understand the action that you need to perform for new users. However, it may not be as convenient as the [u]only[/u] way to see the mapping once you have an extensive list of shortcuts and their respective gestures, as you can't review what the mapping is at a glance for all actions. This is a really important step in the direction of marketing Vivaldi as a power user oriented browser.[/li] [li][b]Search engines integration[/b]: This one is hugely important to me; being able to highlight a word and then use any of your search engines to look it up (just like in old Opera) is such a convenient feature that I can't believe others browsers haven't adopted it as well. I mean, most of them support adding custom search engines so why limit their functionality to only the search box or the address box? E.g. someone mentions that they've seen a great movie called "Test", I have always loved being able to double click it and select 'Search for 'Test' using..." Imdb for reviews or Youtube for the trailer or Amazon to buy a copy. Also, automatically adding the favicon for custom search engine is truly useful so please try to add that too. And maybe change the term nickname at the dialogue box for adding search engines as it's not very accurate in what it does, as it's more like a shortcut to the search engine from the address bar rather than an alias.[/li] [li][b]Interface customization[/b]:For me, having 2 different search boxes at the top, one for address typing + searching and one only for searching always seemed rather redundant. Personally, I wish I could have the option to remove or add elements from the interface (like you could with the old Opera) so that I am left with just the address bar and use my shortcuts (or nicknames as you call them) to search wherever I need to. [/li] [/ol] I hope you guys find some of this feedback useful and consider incorporating it in further iterations of the browser. On that note I invite other users to post here what their top 3 feature requests are as I fully agree with your notion that this needs to be the driving force behind the design direction of Vivaldi. Once again, I am really grateful for your work.

  • All 3 have been requested a few times.
    I'm sure the devs have them on the "to do" list and we have to be patient a little longer.


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