Some YouTube videos display an error but only in Vivaldi

  • Here's an example video URL. I tried just displaying the video by itself ( but not luck with that either. But on the other hand, it's not all videos because I was able to watch the Rogue One trailer just fine. Anyone else seen anything like this? Fixes I have tried: - Restarting Vivaldi - Disabling all Extensions and restarting Vivaldi - Replacing the URL watch?v= with /v/ for a direct link to the video

  • I get YouTube errors all the time too, "An error has occured. Please try again later." What works for me is to just reload the page (Cmd R) right away.

  • Sadly, same Problem here! I found several videos working, and some that dont.
    I cant see anything that could be the source of this error.

  • on mac el capitan 11.1.4 or whatever the newest is and also have the same issue with the video in the post

  • Hi all, I was able to get it to play on the YouTube site, although STILL not as an embedded video by reinstalling PepperFlash, as per instructions on this page. Hope this helps others!

  • This issue does not affect me … able to play.

  • Still happening on the embedded videos. You guys have apparently added some code to give an error message at least now though? This is what the above embedded video displays, for example.

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    This message comes from Youtube, not from Vivaldi.

  • Yes, that's correct. The message comes from Youtube.

    However, it ONLY comes in Vivaldi. It does not appear in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

  • I had the same issue with a couple of videos last night, they were giving an error message on vivaldi but went fine on firefox; I later tried to load the same videos also from another computer on vivaldi, while the first one (running el capitan) kept failing to load the videos, this other one (running yosemite) was reproducing the videos with no problems.
    I don't understand what the problem might be but it surely look to be linked to Vivaldi somehow, as none of those videos ever gave me an issue on firefox :-\

    EDIT: I am still having this issue with A LOT of youtube videos!

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    May be it is a encoding problem with H.264 video on Youtube, Vivaldi uses the Mac system codecs to display videos.
    Sometimes reload of page helped.

    We have some reports about this problem.

  • it surely isn't a matter of refreshing the page, last night I was trying to watch a playlist on youtube, about half the videos wouldn't play cause of this error, I tried refreshing a lot, tried that tried, quitting the browser, restarting the computer and every step that youtube itself suggest to do in these cases, nothing would work and the only way to wath said videos was to switch back to Firefox (which, once again, never gave any problem with any of those videos)

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    I pinged a Vivaldi developer with a Mac about this problem.

  • ^ Much appreciated!

    FWIW, I uploaded a video of the bug in action. It happens on all embedded YouTube videos now as near as I can tell, which is very frustrating… I also filed an official bug report with a link to the video. Also demonstrates that the same video plays fine on YouTube's website, although it very briefly shows the "static" screen before loading the real video. Embedded YouTube Error

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    All the screen get gray! Oh! That is really a bad problem.

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    Bug is reported as VB-17497 "Dynamically embedded YouTube videos on Reddit always fail"

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    The issue on Reddit can be confirmed by one of our internal testers with a Mac!

    I pinged devs for this issue, i hope they will investigate the problem quick.

    Opera has the same problem like Vivaldi with this special Reddit video player!

  • Very cool. FYI, they seem to have done something to the 1.1 update. A LOT more videos play. Oddly, the embedded video in this thread still doesn't, lol. (And as usual, it's only the embed. They play fine on the website.) Much more tolerable now that it's like 10 or 20% failure rate and not 100% though!

  • Still having problems browsing on youtube, the other day I was suggested to reinstall flash (which was good suggestion since I only ever installed firefox-compatible versions of flash and, from their sites, it appears that firefox/safari and chrome/opera have different installation files); I did that and updated Vivaldi yesterday, just wanted to confirm that, although it is happening on less and less videos, this problem is still there; every time it happens I do a double check on firefox and, till now, I never encountered a video that wouldn't play on that.


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