Cannot update

  • Getting the error [quote]"An error occurred in retrieving update information; are you connected to the internet?Please try again later [DownloadFile(5): ']"[/quote] image attached Attachments: [img][/img]

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    Web connection to the update servers can be unreliable at times.

    Do you know how to update manually? If not, I can walk you through it if you just tell me your version number.

  • my version number is 1.0.435.38

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    my version number is 1.0.435.38

    So then you just want to go to and push the green button, download the newest Vivaldi in your stream, and install it. It will update right over your existing version without messing with any of your data or settings.

    IF, HOWEVER, you're using some out-of-the-ordinary distribution, you would scroll to the bottom of that page and select the version that matches the one you are using. Otherwise, if you've never gone out of your way to install something other than the "usual," then just the green button.

  • I downloaded the installation file for Windows But why does windows gives the message that the file's publisher is unknown and that windows protected your PC.

    message "Windows smart screen prevented an unrecognised application form starting. Running this application might might put your application at risk"

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    You can check the downloaded file.
    Select teh file in diskmanager
    Hit Alt Enter
    Select Digital Signature
    In List select "Vivaldi …"
    Hit Details
    I should show that the Sigrature is Valid
    It should show "Vivaldi Technologies AS"

    If not, the downlaod is broken once more.
    Or, perhaps your Windows Certificates Signatures are not up to date or cant be checked.

  • Or it is an restriction imposed by your User Account (Smartscreen is also a User control app), you could try installing as Administrator.

  • When selected the file Vivaldi_Beta.1.0.303.52 and hit alt+Enter the properties box that comes up has a Digital Signatures tab But not the current installation file 1.0.435.42 . The file 1.0.435.42 is not recognized and does not have the icon that normally a windows installation file have

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    If the 1.0.435.42 has not icon and the signature can be seen, it is broken in download.
    Please retry download from


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