Top spacer above tabs

  • Coming from a Google Chrome user. I'm so use to the tabs being selectable from the very top row of pixels in the screen (sorry for the lack of technical words) So, assuming there is a way to fix this... I havent found it yet. So far though, I am really liking this new browser. Great work guys! I know it seems like a small thing, and that the spacer might be there for some purpose, but I couldnt even tell you how many times I've tried clicking on tabs, and wondering why its not working. Would just take some time to get use to I suppose, but also, sadly could be a reason why I would go back to Google Chrome. Change is hard guys! lol

  • I came back in here to tell you guys I found the option in there under tabs. Just to see that someone actually replied. Thanks. Didnt think it would be under tabs, but well, I guess that's the closest feature to it. lol Thanks for the reply anyways.


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