Customise "new tab" page / behaviour? + small feature request regarding startup

  • New user and really liking Vivaldi so far - first impressions are excellent. I especially like the Chrome extension support, it's meant I can pretty much get up to speed with where I was with Chrome with regards to extensions. The one thing Vivaldi appears to be missing is customising the page that appears when a new tab is opened. I use the Chrome extension "Speed Dial 2" for this, and would prefer to use this over Vivaldi's speed dial, as it provides features such as custom backgrounds, improved display customisation and cloud syncing. The extension has installed fine, but it doesn't appear to be able to change Vivaldi's new tab page. Vivaldi appears to open its own speed dial in a page with a blank address bar - whereas going to "vivaldi://newtab" will open Speed Dial 2 (the correct behaviour I'd like to have occur every time I open a tab). My question is - [b]how can I set Vivaldi to open "vivaldi://newtab" when I open a new tab, instead of using its own page?[/b] This would allow us to use custom pages or extensions rather than Vivaldi's speed dial. Another unrelated small request is related to reloading tabs when re-opening the browser. Vivaldi appears to leave all "background" tabs unloaded until they are clicked on, at which point the pages will load. Chrome would load all open tabs upon browser start. Can we have a setting to enable this "load all" behaviour in Vivaldi (unless there is one that I missed)? Thanks in advance for any help, and great work with the browser.

  • "New tab extensions" are not directly hook-able yet (like chrome does)

  • @Hadden89:

    "New tab extensions" are not directly hook-able yet (like chrome does)

    Thanks for the reply - hopefully that behaviour is added soon - the URL works properly already, as "vivaldi://newtab" does what it should - it's just Vivaldi doesn't use this URL when opening a new tab, for some reason.

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