After Beta 3 bookmarking is broken beyond being usable

  • Vivaldi bookmarking facilities were mediocre to start with. Now they got even worse and are totally unusable. In Opera 12 adding bookmark with "+" button on the bookmarks panel would add a bookmark for the current page to currently selected bookmark folder. The "+" button on the Vivaldi bookmark panel is totally useless as it does not pre-fill any information using current page and the bookmark icon from the right side of the address bar only allows you to select a target bookmark folder from a drop down list of folders which is a linear list and does not show folder tree and in my case this list is very long. Does Vivaldi have anyone looking after UI/UX? Up until and including Beta 3 there was a work-around those horrible design decisions - you could drag the lock/globe icon from the left side of the address bar onto a bookmark folder. Now that has been removed - you can still drag, but the bookmark does not get added. I hope that is a bug, not a feature. To Do list for Vivaldi team: 1. Bring back dragging onto a folder ASAP 2. Make the bookmark icon/button from the right side of the address bar create a bookmark for the current tab in currently selected folder from the bookmarks pane if the pane is open and visible, otherwise add it to the root bookmark folder at the end. 3. Make "+" button on the bookmark pane pre-fill new bookmark information using current page and currently selected bookmark folder for target location.

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    We (tester team and Developers) have many issues to fix for Vivaldi, after the Final new features have to be added.

    Please have some patience. All your complained features will be fixed or come up in a new Vivaldi version.

  • I agree with alik55, this makes bookmarking PITA, yet this is one of the many annoyances/omissions/bugs of Vivaldi. I have a long list in my mind and also quite a few suggestions/additions but I have yet to put it on paper. Issues might look like needing 3 lines of code to be fixed but there is nothing the community can do, except from reporting. I will stay supportive to the team because Vivaldi looks like it could become a valid solution for decent desktop web browsing in the future.


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