Loading bug

  • There is a bug when you refresh or loading. The site stops suddenly, you cant scroll, button not work. You must refresh again. Example: im reading manga, i click to next chapter button. The site just stop, dont load, try clicking the button again but not work. Must refresh.

  • Moderator

    Please give us more information, that we can test the problem.

    Which Windows version?
    Which Vivaldi version?
    Which URL?

  • Windows 10 pro lastest version
    Vivaldi 1.0.435.42

    This is novel reading site
    By the way, vivaldi is slow at connecting site. My firefox redirect immediately when i click the link. Vivaldi takes 5 seconds and start redirect.
    There is another bug: When you are loading, vivaldi try to take the browser on top of other program. It means you cant switch to other program while loading


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