Borderless fullscreen for multi monitor gaming.

  • When i'm using Vivaldi in fullscreen (maximized) on my second monitor and playing Dark Souls 2 on my first monitor my game always gets minimized on my first screen when i'm trying to use the browser, this doesn't happen with Chrome or Edge or when im using Vivaldi not in fullscreen (Just a window, not maximized). This is more of a problem with some games like Dark Souls 2 which doesn't have a native borderless fullscreen mode, so it won't really affect much people, but still would be great if Vivaldi wouldn't minimize these games when i'ts maximized. This wasn't the case for games with a native borderless window mode. I've used a tool named as "Borderless gaming" to force the game to run in borderless window mode, but it still gets minimized when i'm trying to use Vivaldi on the second screen. I know this isn't such a huge thing, but it would be nice to fix that 😉 /Edit: Using Windows 10 64 bit.


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