Chrome extension - not all visible when added in a WEB Panel

  • Hi, when I finally found how to see all the installed Chrome extensions by writting "chrome://apps" in the URL I found how add them at the left as a WEB Panel. To do that just display them by using "chrome://apps" as URL. Then right click on the page and select "Add the page in a WEB Panel". It will display a small white square with smaller colored squares. But and this is why I open this thread is the fact I just see two of them and not all of them. I restarted Vivaldi to see if I could them them all when it has been restart but it does not. Now I just discovered that enlarge the WEB panel will display the other Chrome extension because they appear in two lines. Please modify it to display all of them vertically like thumbnails that does not require to enlarge this kind of panel. Sincerely thanks. Miguipda 😉


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