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  • how to send shortcut to desktop? thanks

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    Browse to wherever you installed Vivaldi, right-lick on Vivaldi.exe, and send a shortcut to the desktop.


  • i mean a shortcut of a page/url on the desktop

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    i mean a shortcut of a page/url on the desktop

    Copy the URL.
    Right-click on your desktop.
    Select from the context menu: New->Shortcut
    In the resulting dialog, paste the URL you copied
    Click to go to the next part of the dialog
    Name your shortcut

  • We can also drag and drop the url (through the icon before the URL), but the shortcut takes the TLD of the page, not it title. As a consequence, if you create a second shortcut within the same site with this method, they get the same name. And it's also more difficult to identify which link brings to what.
    I know we can rename it, but it's a little more work to do.

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