UX Suggestion : make the top border pixels count as hovering a tab.

  • Hey guys. just got vivaldi. Really like it. Has some of the things chrome doesnt. Love the tab batching. Love the tabs scrolling - that's what has kept me on firefox. Either way - here's a little feedback from me. When you go to scroll the tabs - the top pixel of the screen is just a border - it becomes scrollable when you have batched tabs. It's a very minor thing but being able to move your mouse to the top of the screen and having a reliable tabscroll is real good. Currently that doesn't work in Vivaldi. It needs you to land a few pixels under the top border. It only scrolls if you manage to land on a tab that's got 'multiple tabs' nested within it. Also it would be nice if multiple tabs on the same domain were automatically combined into one "tab folder". [url=https://a.pomf.cat/vhpswj.mp4]Here's a video of the thing in action: look at the top bar - i'm trying to scroll in both positions.[/url]

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    Just noticed i posted on the entirely wrong board. Anyway to move the post?

    You could just edit your post, rename it as a duplicate, then post again in the right forum.

    There's an option in Settings to remove the spacing above the tabs.


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