Danish translation issue

  • II'd like to lend a hand with the Danish translation and the sentence "Denne indstillinger kræver en genstart for at træde fuldt ud i kræft" The word "kræft" means Cancer in danish and isn't the correct word. The word to be inserted is "kraft" Also the word "indstillinger" isn't correct either - the spelling is "indstilling" The above wording is in the Appearance category(called Udseende in Danish) As a last mention. If Vivaldi is to be translated correctly then the menuitem "Filer" is to be renamed "Arkiv" just as every other OS X native application(I know Vivaldi is not native to OS X but still). It's a minor complaint but nobody really ever follows this. I'm keeping an eye for more as I travel through the strings. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/75440/vivaldidkerror.png[/img]

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