Vivaldi won't open .ASP files…

  • Hello; [attachment=3140]VivaldiASP.jpg[/attachment] I just tried to view an invoice from telebec but i get a black screen when i go to read the .asp file but both IE & Firefox open it without problems, is there somekind of plugin or way to help view ASP files in Vivaldi browser... 😞 Thank you Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Link the exact page…
    However if the page uses plugins different from flash or html5 won't work (chromium policy) and you should use ie, firefox or extensions like ietab to open that specific page.

  • Hello, as Hadden said, could you give us a link to test it?
    Also what version of vivaldi are you using? (the latest version is 1.0.435.42) 😉

  • Hi guys, thanks for your help, ok i've got Vivaldi version 1.1.443.3 installed and the link to my telebec invoice is :

    but i"m not sure if you'll be able to access it because it's a secure login. I also installed ASP.NET5.ENU RCI update kb3137909 but it didn't do anything, looking for examples of ASP invoice on the net and having difficulties finding one…

    I don't know if installing Microsoft Word Office 2013 could help open these .ASP files, anyway i'll continue trying to find a solution because i like the Vivaldi browser very much...(I'll kepp you posted) 😞

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    No, there are no ASP files you can open with any browser. That is more a a link like …asp. And you dont need Office.

    But i think the webserver at telebec sends wrong data to Vivaldi.
    It may be a PDF file and the server sends the wrong file name/type and as a result of this fault it can not display.

    Can you download the file instead of viewing? May be renaming to .pdf works?

  • Hi again;

    About what you said " there are no ASP files you can open with any browser.", it's just that with the Firefox browser i can open the same page/invoice, anyway i'll try to modify to .pdf like you said in Vivaldi, thank you again with your super fast response, it's really appreciated! 🙂

  • Ignore if this is an ASP-file or not. Vivalid is just supposed to interprete HTML output, generated (created) by ASP (simplified: a programming language from Microsoft).

    So the problem is, that Vivaldi has difficulties to interprete some HTML, that was created by ASP. Or to interprete some thins like JAVA plugin, media formats and so on. Webpages can be consist of a lot of single parts that have to be handled in different ways by the brwoser. Or an plugin does not work properly or an adblocker intervenes although this is not desired at this point (that was my latest problem, the adblocker worked on a site it was not expected to work).

    Anyway, without getting on the site due to the required login it is hard to find out the cause.

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    Correct. In web addresses, there is no such thing as "an .ASP file." .ASP is a protocol. It means "Active Server Page." The browser is being directed to a page on a server, and that page contains not just static content, but it contains actual active code which is directing the browser to either perform some task or to read the output of a task that the page is performing. In other words, on reaching an ASP page, the browser isn't just looking, it's doing. If these server pages are properly coded, any browser can read and perform them. Vivaldi properly interprets and displays every .ASP that I have ever sent it to, to date. But the thing with an ASP is that since it is a program, it can have bugs - and one such possible bug is if it is only programmed to send proper code to certain browsers that it recognizes.

  • Did we use the developer mode in both firefox and vivaldi to do some analysis ? 🙂

  • @Ayespy:

    But the thing with an ASP is that since it is a program, it can have bugs - and one such possible bug is if it is only programmed to send proper code to certain browsers that it recognizes.

    Could be the reason from cruel old internet times "Optimized for IE" instead of sysing "You bloody bastard you have to use the IE".

    Anyway, there are 2 points to be considered as cause:

    • wrong interpretation of the server result output (plugin interpretation, missing plugin, JavaSript, Vivaldi does not support a media file, adblocker and so on)
    • wrong or missing output of the ASP. Anyway, because Vivaldi does not use its own render machine, one could try a different browser with the same renderer. Or the identification string of Vivaldi (user agent) is not considered by the people who programmed to ASP output.

    Would be interested in getting to know how it in Safari looks, as Safari is part of the user agent string. (I already experienced differences in CSS interpretation between Safari and Vivaldi)

    For all that examinations one must have the user data to login.

  • Do you have the account data? That is the point (and I would not share them here).


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