Bookmarks - modify when already in list + sorting folders

  • Hi, two things when we want to add bookmarks. At the right side of the URL when I click on the flag to add the current URL in the bookmark list it needs two things that must be correct : 1) when this URL is already in the personnal bookmarks it must just recommend to modify it and not to add it twice then it must give back the nickname (in french "Surnom" we already give). If it does not propose to modify we could add it twice with another nickname and then have duplicate bookmarks. That will gow it up excessively and confuse our personnal bookmarks structure. 2) when we have folders structured with so many subfolders on our bookmarks list it becomes a problem in the combo box that is used in the Add Bookmark popup window. I means when we ask to add the current URL the combo box content that list our bookmark folders/subfolders does not respect the indentation of the structure. Then it is difficult to search the desired (sub)folder. To solve this easily before indenting them as we done in the bookmark list I recommend to simply order them by (sub)folder names. Then selecting the (sub)folder where to register the current URL will become easier. Sincerely thanks and have a nice day. Miguipda 😉


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