Not sure if Bug or by design

  • Hey all. Not sure if this is just a Mac behavior or if it is also cross platform so I though I'd post here. I believe this browser shares the same pedigree as Opera and Opera also has the same behavior. It has to do with the bookmarks toolbar. Specifically, it is how groups of bookmarks in folders are handled when you want to open all of them. If you create a bookmark folder on at the root level (the folder itself is on the bookmark bar) you can right click the folder and have all the bookmarks open via a popup menu. Most other browsers would also do this if you use the middle button as well. However if you try this with a nested folder of bookmarks (meaning you would click on a bookmark folder on the bookmark bar and try to right click a sub-folder of bookmarks in the menu) it doesn't work. Its kind of annoying as I use this feature a lot on other browsers. Interestingly, this is not the case with bookmarks in the side bar. Unfortunately iI don't have the screen realestate to keep the side bar open all the time. Is this by design?

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    It's neither a bug, nor by design. Rather it has not been implemented yet. Maybe one day. It's early days yet with the first final release only a few days old.

    I don't know what's so hard with using the bookmarks panel. It's not like you have to open a folder of bookmarks every five minutes. Just open the bookmarks panel with a shortcut, open the subfolder of bookmarks, then close the panel again.

    Or, save the bookmarks as a session. Then you can arrange the tabs, set zoom level for each, etc.

  • Fair enough on the newness. As for the others suggestions:

    Its mainly preference. I dislike side bars in general, like some people dislike the color orange … personal preference.

    The tab sessions, while powerful, is all or nothing. Using folders allows me to use them all or just go in for one or two.

    It's not a deal breaker though and I like where the browser is going.


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