Installation Issue

  • We do not have admin rights by default. (windows 7) To do the install, I had to log in with an admin account. The install puts the .exe in the use app data folder of the person doing the install In my regular account, there was no link in the Start menu or Programs folder so I had to go through the verbose install to see where the .exe was put and then add it to my start menu... The install should give the option to install for all users

  • +1 for this issue

  • Hello,

    If you click on "Advanced", do you have an option to install for all users? In my Windows laptop I cannot choose that option because I only have one user, but maybe it works if you have more than one user? Not sure, though, I'm just guessing.

    Best wishes

  • I can't install browser, because software ask admin privilegies.


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