Awesome browser with few bugs

  • First of all congratulations for creating such a innovative browser. More importantly try to it keep that way. Not that it becomes like Opera at the end. I was using Opera since 2001/02. I am not an IT person. Just an average user who loves the simplicity of your browser. Here some things that are not working so well. The sharing function in Facebook is not working. I am not sure if that is directly related to Vivaldi. Today I updated JAVA and was informed that not all the updates went through. Might be because of that? Currently Bookmarks are just displayed only as links with the option of tagging them. Is there a way to display them like in Opera with a small preview of the bookmarked website. This is very helpful with websites in other languages. One can look at the image and remember what it is. EDIT: Forgot one more thing. How can I activate the password manager to prompt me if I like to save a password. Some this this happens only randomly. Thanks!

  • 1. Sharing on FB works fine for me; I think it's just a local issueโ€ฆ
    2. Not sure what you mean; all of my bookmarks have thumbnails (are you using the latest version 1.0.435.42)?
    3. Type chrome://settings/search#pass into the address bar and press enter; make sure the option "offer to save your web passwords" is checked...
    Hope that helped~ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • And don't bother about Java or other plugins different from flash (PPAPI for google chrome) or html5 (usually built-in) as they won't work in any browser based on chrome (so even Vivaldi).

  • 1 FB still does not display shared link as an image. Just shows the link. Might be because I am using VPN.
    2 Yes I have current Update of Vivaldi. I can see the thumbnails. I was rather wondering if its possible to see the bookmarked pages as previews
    3) Yes, that helped ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you werty8763

  • Thank you Hadden89
    Good to know.


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