Deactivate speed dial in the starting up

  • Hello, I do not use speed dial. how to deactivate him(it) in the starting up of vivaldi? I find myself with 2 tab (bing + speed dial). I want simply bing. Thank you in advance for your answers and saddened for my bad English.

  • Moderator

    For now, use the option: Startup with Specific Pages and use Bing as your specific page. Then it will not open the speed dial on startup.

  • thanks, you're a boss 😛

  • Also, if you do as @ayespy suggested, don't be alarmed after a version update when the auto-restarted Vivaldi doesn't open to your specified page… it currently always auto-restarts with a speed-dial page the first time after an update. Thereafter, things will return to normal and it will keep on reopening to your specified page. Until the next update, that is... 😉


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