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  • In Chrome, I'm using [url=]Toggle Switch Recent Last Tab extension[/url] to cycle switch between two tabs with shortcut Alt+Q. It's strongly addictiv, but this extension does not work in Vivaldi and there is no setting for such behavior in Vivaldi > Setting > Keyboard section. Does anyone know some trick to set such feature? I would also strongly recommend to the authors of Vivaldi, to add such feature, because it's infinitely useful :)

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    Try Settings, Tabs, Tab Features, Click active tab to switch to previous tab.

  • Silly me! Why I did not tried standard shortcut Ctrl+Tab? Because I'm used to work in Chrome and there you need an extension for such standart behavior. In Vivaldi, it works as one might expect. I'm really amazed!

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    Yes, Vivaldi is pretty amazing for a browser that's not long in development, and only just reached a stage good enough for final release.

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