Lost speed dials after update..

  • Just updated to the most recent build and all of my saved dials are gone. Is there any way to recover them? Pretty annoyed. 😞

  • Moderator

    If you mean updating from the final to the latest snapshot, did you read the blog post?

    @Ruarí Ødegaard:

    On Windows and Mac your choice is particularly important because all Vivaldi versions use the same settings by default and running the snapshot and then downgrading to stable, could actually corrupt your profile. On Windows you can work around this by installing one of the versions as "Standalone" (keeping the profile self contained). On Mac we have no official standalone install method but I explain a workaround for advanced Mac users in this blog post. For Linux, snapshot and stable versions are installed side by side, with different profiles by default..

  • No I didn't read the blog post. Started up Vivaldi and was prompted to install a new update and I took it. AFAIK I'm not on a nightly branch or something that you have to opt in to. Just went from alpha to beta, (or they call the stable version).


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