Feedback and Features

  • First of all Thanks you for your wonderful work absolutely loving Vivaldi so far!! now.. few things i find little off.. 1) Waiting indecator: When clicking a link..and during the preparing of the DNS/HTTP request... there is no visual indicator that you actually clicked.. the loading animation/progress starts after the handshake and the start of data delivery... on chrome there is the little link float on the bottom with "waiting.. [URL here]" message and a rotating loading icon on the tap. am on little slower internet and i find this really annoying sometimes clicking few times to make sure i clicked 😠 2) Taps groups/stacks and sessions: i like the idea of being able to select multiple taps.. but i think this feature need more power like.. being able to save selected tabs as a session with just right clicking.. or even save all selected taps/pages locally (to harddrive) maybe group them in folder of some sort or make sessions available on the side panel (kinda like the idea of multi/virtual desktops?) also stacked taps need better "tap"? when its stacked that little line indicating the other taps is just too thin for clicks etc.. and tiling would be greats if we can resize tiles 3) Address bar(BUG?): URL history is not cleared after clearing browser data. 4) Ability to do multi text select: I'm a web developer and i love doing multi edits/selects in Atom editor for example yesterday i had to copy a list of error numbers from an API docs to do error handling.. had to do it one by one... holding CTRL and highlighting multiple lines/words would be the best browser feature ever :silly: 5) Better support for Google extensions: I use the official [url=]"google translate"[/url] extension and it fails to pickup my highlighted text 80% of the time.. Thanks


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