• When I try to import my bookmarks from Opera 35 nothing happens. I'm clicking on the Import button so is there something else I'm supposed to be doing? I can't find any directions as to how to perform this simple task. Thanks.

  • The usual import method is: File > Import Bookmarks & settings > you should get a popup offering a variety of importation choices: a list of browsers Vivaldi has identified on your system, the information you wish to import from that browser (Bookmarks, Passwords, History, Search Engines), and a "Detected Profile Path" box showing where the highlighted browser's profile data is stored (if Vivaldi can't locate the profile, it presents a "Folder" browse box to allow you to navigate to it manually).

    Are you even getting the popup? Also, what version of Vivaldi (as well as 32 or 64 bits) are you using and what OS?

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