Congrats and Suggestions

  • Wow! It's been a long time since I got really excited about a browser. Vivaldi seems to have many of the features most users need, besides good looking (I have been dreaming of interface color matching site colors on desktop for a long time). You really deserve congratulations on the first snapshot version! A few things I'd like to make clear though: 1. Browser synchronization: most people now use browsers from more than one place or device, it's very important to enable browser data synchronization, at least for bookmarks and configurations (speed dial, open tabs sessions would be great too). If you don't want to run a server for this and pear-to-pear is too complicated, maybe use a third party service like Dropbox. Of course, I do hope you come with a mobile version soo too. 😉 2. Please optimize the memory usage to the maximum, as most people would stop using any software that hogs the system making everything slow. Mobile devices and Win10 is here, keep it basic so it can run on most system and be fast. 😉 Feature requests (probably already noted somewhere else, just my personal list): 1. Reading mode (a la Readability); 2. Delay loading of background tabs when opening a session (saved or when re-opening browser, because of #2 above); 3. Move tabs between windows. Congrats again! Keep it up! Regards

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    Welcome to our little community Ifom! As one of the greybeard users of Vivaldi (since the day after it was first released), allow me to comment:

    "…enable browser data synchronization..."

    Just so you know, this phrase means " a big ol' expensive server farm and write several thousand lines of sync code, and then test for weeks until it quits screwing up..."

    I fear people think you can just flip a switch and "sync" copies of a browser as though you were introducing a friend on a blind date, and all they had to do was shake hands. Every bit of data for millions of users that is intended to be synced has to be stored "in the cloud" (ie, a big ol' server farm) and correlated with the various copies of that user's information, so that the latest changes are always made to all copies, and no data is accidentally wiped or lost because the sync accidentally went the wrong direction. It's not browser copy "A" chatting with browser copy "B" and agreeing that each will keep the latest version of the data. There's a whole infrastructure and a very touchy body of code.

    All that said, Vivaldi is working on it, and has been. We will see it when it's ready.

    They're also working daily on optimizing memory usage and processor resources. The improvement in these areas over the last fifteen months have been exponential.

    Reader mode has been requested a few hundred times by now and will obviously be taken into consideration.
    Delay loading of background tabs is implemented.
    Moving tabs between windows is, at present, done with the context menu (right click) on the tabs, as that was (relatively) easy to code. Dragging to make a window or dragging to another window is rather more fraught, and we'll have to wait a while for that.


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