Who decided a pinned tab should be tiny? FEATURE REQUEST

  • To me, pinning a tab is what you would want to do to important tabs that you don't want to accidentally close. Tabs you use all day like your mail or calendar. So, why should a pinned tab be a fraction of the size of a normal tab? They are very difficult to click compared to a normal tab. I know Chrome does this too and that's where it's inherited from, but I think it's dumb behavior. I understand some people may be space constrained on a small screen, and might like this, but I think a lot of power users have a big enough screen (especially considering the popularity of widescreen monitors) to afford a full-width tab for their most important webapps. I'm asking nicely for the option "Pinned Tabs display as (Icons Only | Full Tabs)" - default probably should stay with the existing behavior to avoid unexpected behavior changes.

  • Exactly my thoughts! As soon as I tried to pin the tab, I went OOH NO WAY.. useless!!
    Now to get one step further. In Visual Studio there is an option to pin tab to a new tab line.
    I can't explain how useful is this… attached an image.

    Now to get even one step further. One of the issues I have with Opera is that I normally have more then 30 tabs opened.
    Some of them are pages to read, some are YT pages because there is no life without a music, some are Qt libraries, some are....
    Anyway I wished I could have an arbitrary number of 'parking tab lines' and that I could move tabs between them.
    In that way I could organize my tabs by lines. Man that would be awesome!!!

    Right now I feel like I've talked dirty... this multi line tab feature perversion is in my mind for years. Uuuuu man!!!

  • A would like a behavior similar to old opera, where a locked tab stays in place and can not be closed.

  • @aguerrero:

    I would like a behavior similar to old opera, where a locked tab stays in place and can not be closed.

    There's a setting in Vivaldi that prevents pinned tabs from being closed.

    In Opera, Pinned and Stacked tabs do not collapse or move to the left. I have three pinned tabs in Opera stacked together to prevent them collapsing.

    In Vivaldi, stacked tabs cannot be pinned, and pinned tabs cannot be grouped as a tab stack, which I guess is a bug.

  • I actually like them being small. Having them all at full size would get cramped too quickly, if you have more than 2 pinned tabs.

  • We like having it customized and that is why we are using Vivaldi. 🙂
    One of the wonderful things of the old school Opera was that it was fully customizable.
    Hopefully they will advanced Vivaldi on this theme also.

  • Same problem here. There has to be a way to increase the pinned tab width by 50% for instance. That would help a lot. Having pinned tabs too tiny and therefore difficult to click actually runs counter to the fact that they are the tabs you use most often!

  • @brazzjazz I think that should be possible using the theme CSS somehow, but I'm no expert there. But I've seen some experimental themes that do amazingly advanced stuff with the browser UI.
    In https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/23362, @AlexRuppert points out where the CSS is, and a few years(!) back, @An_dz posted https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/2784/vivaldi-ui-customisations with in-depth explanations.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    I'm happy with them small like present because I have a lot of tabs open and lots pinned. The pinned ones would steal a lot of room from the normal ones if they were full size. I'd like an option for you folks though.

    I would like to be able to placed pinned tabs anywhere in the other tabs though rather than having them move all to the left.


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