Tab colors

  • Please could you add a way to change the color of active tabs without enabling the option to use the color from a website?

  • I agree, I find the red tab plus the red background in general to be very hard on the eyes. Someway of customizing it is very necessary.

  • I AGREE!!! PLEASE do this!!!

    The active tab is so similar in color that it's nearly impossible to see it.

    Also, the option to use the color from a website is horrible. It's very hard on the eyes.

  • Moderator

    Complete control over your user interface colors is available in the recent snapshots at

    If you want to keep using Vivaldi 1.2.490, then go into settings select a light or dark theme, and turn off use of accent colors in Appearance, Start Page and Tabs.

  • @jonYork, I have no problems with tabs and website color is not horrible.
    Switch it off in Themes settings if you don´t like it.


  • That's great for you mib2berlin - but I HATE it!

    Anyway, I'll try to suggestions that have been offered. Thanks!

  • By the way, I think what's so jarring about these theme colors is that it highlights the tab and the toolbar too. If it was just the tab it wouldn't be so bad. But the toolbar is horrible. It's very disorienting.

  • Yeah, this is why I prefer to use the theme color on the title bar instead of the tabs. Keeps the tabs an attractive light gray while still adding that matching accent to the UI.

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