Feature Request - Unable to remove full name of bookmark on bookmark bar.

  • Vivaldi Team, The browser is looking awesome so far, just have 1 tweak / customization / feature request that should be hopefully easy to implement. When working on the Bookmarks Bar you have the ability to rename a bookmark, but you do not have the ability to rename it to nothing. This is a nice feature to have for those of us who go just off the icon alone. Just a friendly request, I know alot of the community out there who use this in Chrome / Firefox and I believe your product is so good I would want as many to switch to it as they can.

  • Ok - You can Ignore this,

    I feel so stupid, I just found the option to show the icon only.

    Sorry for the post. Keep up the good work

  • Moderator

    You can edit your first post to chose the Green Tick icon to mark the thread as resolved. That saves others opening it .


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