Last Configuration Bug

  • I erroneously closed Vivaldi while the Settings window was still open....Apparently the program doesn't close all child windows when ending and before writing the last configuration. As a result, the Settings window is saved as the last configuration and when re-starting the program, only that window is opened with no way to get the main window to open. Could not find a way to get main window to display and had to uninstall and re-install. Trying to re-install on top of the existing program did not correct the problem... Assume this is not what you want to happen.....

  • I think this has something to do with vivaldi saving the last page you've had open.

    Since the settings window is probably a webpage, it's the page that gets opened when the browser starts up if you've closed it last.

    TEMPFIX: Press ctrl + n to launch a new vivaldi window from the settings dialog to get a new browser window open.

    My suggested fix for vivaldi: Make the settings dialog another tab, rather then a whole new window, so people can get out of it if they've closed it last.

    This might anger some opera purists, but having a way to change webpages that doesn't involve an unobvious keystroke is much better then leaving a child window open with no get out button.

  • Thanks for the reply…Ctrl-N works fine, but interestingly, clicking on New Window in the taskbar Jump List doesn't do anything...

    As for a fix, personally, I would rather see a setting which provides options in addition to Last's very rare that I want to go back to the active page when I shut down....different strokes, I guess....


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