Slow refresh and fps drop

  • I started using Vivaldi today. But i feel there is a delay when connecting to sites, in some sites when i refresh, i have to wait like 5-10 seconds to load. This dont happen with big sites like google or facebook. I often use browser while playing game, when i open tabs or surfing, the game fps drops to 0-10. And high cpu usage too. It causes somewhat laggy. Another is i dont see gesture draw line. When i gesture, it should draw a line and show me a direction and what is that gesture used for ? I also suggest to right click in bookmark to choose open in background/foreground/ private tab. And capture image and auto upload image from website. If everything is done, i suggest an adblock popup and torrent download. To me, Vivaldi looks like an All in One browser, you dont need to download a ton of addons/extensions. Browser has all you need.


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