Double clicking the tab to expand browser.. New tab opens?

  • I don't feel like this was on purpose, but if there is a way to turn that feature off id like to know. thanks great browser btw, interesting future ahead!

  • I have the same problem… it's annoying :blink:

    ***When I try to double click and minimize the browser into an application icon - it expands the browser and opens a new tab (which is different from the posted issue) ... found a temporary solution: change the window appearance to native window in settings.

  • Same here.
    Maximizing the window with double click on MAC maximizes the window but also opens a new tab.

    Maybe this is just a work-against-a-stupid-Mac-behavoir-by-not-clicking-on-the-green-fullscreen-button - which feels not right everywhere - here its only annoying cos loosing the focus of the current tab.

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