Web/Script Incompatibility - Noticed With WordPress Backend

  • Not sure where this goes as I don't see anything marked for user feedback or bug reports, and this isn't much of a bug report. When using a WordPress website, on the backend, and trying to preview a drafted post, it doesn't work. Clicking the preview button is supposed to open a new tab with a preview of the post at a temporary URL with a query attached defining that it's a preview. In Vivaldi, it kills the URL query and just loads all posts. Another way to access preview is via a link in the success message after saving a draft. That preview link goes to the URL base only (home page of site). Definitely a bug in there somewhere. I don't know exactly what's happening or what Vivaldi is failing to do, which is why I explained the situation so your tech dept. can find that out. But it's certainly a problem that needs to be addressed quickly. I'm sticking with Chrome until all of my daily tasks can be handled by the browser.


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