Import Opera speeddial.ini?

  • I have been looking at some of the posts about speed dial. I have had to ditch Opera (12.x Presto) & move to Opera 36.0 (only possible thanks to the guy who wrote the V7 extensions which make the experience actually work as Presto used to.) I am wondering about simple transfer of opera speeddial.ini values to Vivaldi in the absence of an import function as I don't really want to drag 50+ entries to the speed dial folder but particularly as I added .win sessions to Opera SD & don't see kind of function happening here... I can see I could just copy the urls from the .ini into bookmarks above "name": "Speed Dial", "type": "folder" ...but still a lot of strings to manipulate manually I have only just installed the current version so have less than 2 hrs looking at the functionality. I do like it so far tho! 😎


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