Bookmarks Bar Tweaks

  • So I have noticed a couple specific tweaks to the Bookmarks Bar that I'd like to see implemented. First, when I imported from Chrome, the Bookmarks Bar came in as a folder and when I try and drag the items out of the folder into the regular bar, they shuffled into random order! So essentially, [b]dragged groups of bookmarks should maintain their order when moved to a different folder or the top level of the Bookmarks Bar[/b]. Secondly, I use a lot of subfolders in the Bookmarks Bar, essentially creating my own drop-down menu system of bookmarks. On the Mac, you're doing subfolders wrong, much like Safari is. Which is to say, if you click a folder and get the drop-down menu, you can't simply roll over to a different folder like you can in Chrome. Rather you have to click again to see the contents of the next folder over. [b]Folders drop-down menus in the Bookmarks Bar should behave like a regular menu system, meaning that one click should let you roll over any folder sub-menu rather than having to click each folder separately to see the menu within it.[/b] Thanks in advance! (Apologies if this has been covered before in other posts. Tried to do a search before making a new topic but all the results are coming back in Russian right now, lol!)

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