Adobe Flash Player plugin

  • How i can use Adobe Flash Player NPAPI plugin instead PPAPI ? Its turned on both by default [attachment=3113]AdobeFlashPlayerplugin.jpg[/attachment] and seems like Vivaldi used PPAPI. When i disable PPAPI plugin, flash is not works at all, whats wrong? NPAPI plugin works fine in my Firefox. Attachments: [img][/img]

  • I noticed this too. This seems to be something inherited from Chrome, which did away with NPAPI support some months back. The plugin appears in the list, but isn't actually activated, even if the other version is disabled. This is unfortunate, since one of my regularly used systems is still on XP, which doesn't get hardware acceleration support in the browser, and as such, video decoding performance in both HTML5 and Flash is terrible. NPAPI Flash, on the other hand, makes use of my graphics card to accelerate playback, resulting in smooth performance at HD resolutions. This is probably the biggest thing holding me back from making Vivaldi my primary browser. For now, I'll likely be sticking with Pale Moon / Firefox with a bunch of extensions to make it vaguely Opera-like, and only use Vivaldi as a secondary browser.

  • You can't. You should Disable NPAPI (if installed) and Enable PPAPI


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