Youtube video laggy

  • Hello all, i like the browser but the youtube videos are very laggy and in other browsers not so can any one help me

  • i've had problems watching 60 frame per second videos on youtube with chrome & firefox.
    they say vivaldi is based on chrome, thus vivaldi won't be able to fix it without waiting for chrome to get fixed unless they fix it themselves.
    i had more than one problem too, one was the audio & video growing out of sync - the other was the video jumping forward & backwards sporatically.

    was the youtube video 60 frames per second or a regular one?
    you can find that out by hitting the button to change the video quality & resolution, then it will tell you if it is 60 frames per second because it will say 60 next to the resolution.
    you can also right-click the video and choose 'stats for nerds' & it will tell you if the video is 60 frames per second or not.

    it might help you get an answer.
    i know i was seeing problems trying to watch a 1080p 60 frame per second video on youtube because the CPU usage spiked up to 100% .. while firefox was much lower, such as 20% or less.

    plus you didn't really say what sort of lag was happening, as that information could be helpful getting an answer too.


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