Listing command line options

  • HI! How to list (or where to see) Vivaldi command line options? The aim is simple: to have an opportunity to open an URL from scripts - in the current window (or create new on absent) in the new tab - in the current window (or create new on absent) overwriting current tab - in new window

  • OK, I'll try to rephrase the question.

    It is impossible to list command line options as far as these options are not supported at all.
    Is this thesis valid?

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    Some users might document such a thing at some point in the future.

    It seems to be the aim of the developers to first and foremost support a steadily increasing level of sophistication right in the settings UI itself, such being transparent and intuitive to anyone whether technically minded, a developer, or a complete noob. No support or API for command line options has been published, although one can append switches to the desktop shortcut (which switches are also undocumented).

    But even given the above-average education and demand for options of the median Vivaldi user, the vast majority of them would not know what "command line option" was if it bit them in the ass. This being the case, this sort of documentation would be well down the priority scale for developers who are just trying to remedy product holes that even "the masses" stumble over with ease.

  • A list of commands (even if only the "officially-supported" ones) could be really useful 🙂

  • First of all you can see some of the available bootflags in vivaldi://flags. Secondly it is dependent on the operating system you are using.

    I'm on osx, If I input in terminal

    open /Applications/ ""

    Vivaldi opens with the website I put into the command line, as far as I know the same is valid for Linux users. A simple

    Vivaldi ""

    should suffice for them. But yeah, a full list of options can be helpful and wouldn't hurt anyone. Requesting too (:

  • You would probably find that most of the Chromium command-line switches can also be parsed to Vivaldi:


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